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The Storm subwoofer is one of Totem’s more affordable offering where you DO get a lot of bass at a real budget price. The Storm goes down to 40 Hz with a cutoff at the upper end at 250 Hz. There is one active 8″ woofer that fires out from the front and two passive 8″ radiators from either side. Powering the main driver is a 300W BASH amp that delivers very clean, non-distorted LF. The ideal placement for the sub is in the corner with the front facing 45 degrees from the two sides of the corner. Setup is very easy where you just need to adjust the frequency crossover to your speakers and the volume level of the sub and you are all ready to rock and roll.

The subwoofer sounded tremendously powerful with clean tight bass. It may not have the boomy after effect of larger cube boxed subwoofers but if you like deep and tight bass, this is it. Very light scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Sub will be securely packed for safe shipping.