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If you appreciate high fidelity sound and just don’t have the space to place some speakers in your room, then the Tribe III is perfect solution for you. Although they were designed to be placed alongside mounted TVs, they can be used as stereo speakers or center channel speaker and being that they can be mounted on to walls, offers space saving and aesthetic reasons to own them. Each speaker is barely 4″ deep so they don’t protrude out too much and is almost flush with most mounted TVs. The in-house created Torrent woofer, of which there are two of them on each speaker, produces an awesome amount of bass for something that small and mounted in an enclosure that is barely 4″ tall. Whether you use them to watch movies or as two channel speakers, they are simply amazing. Very clear, detailed sound were produced and soundstaging was wide and dynamic. It was clearly at home with movie soundtracks and surprisingly good with music. This listing is for ONE speaker for use as a center channel but can be used as a stereo pair if you buy two of them (we have two for sale). Built quality is first class and finish is exemplary.

The speaker you see here has the fiery red finish and is bound to be a conversation piece when it is mounted on the wall or your AV rack. They were former dealer demos’ so some light scuff marks and light polishing swirl marks can be found . Grille covers and original boxes are included.