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The Forest speakers are not big tower speakers. They are almost like monitor speakers with an “extended column” which means they are fairly slim and very manageable in terms of weight. Which is a good thing because getting them into their right position makes all the difference in listening enjoyment. When placed correctly (room dependent especially the side and back wall where it is radiating from), they will produce this wonderful soundstage with a depth you could dive into. Bass was bountiful given its single 6.5″ woofer at 33Hz with a richly textured midrange and sweetly rolled off highs. The speakers was comfortable with all genre of music but vocals was the most tantalizing.

The pair you see here is in the rarer light maple finish with the optional grille cover (finished in white). A few very light scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Speakers will be securely pack for safe shipping (they are shipped in two boxes).