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$595 Original Price: $1200
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This is the matching power amp to the PR100 preamp we have for sale in another listing. Although it was crafted to be part of the family with the PR100, it would easily match any preamp out there. With both RCA and XLR inputs, it will just about accommodate all kinds of preamps. Between the PR100 and the PA100, we feel that the PA100 edge over the PR100 by a whisker to become the star of the pairing.

It is not a reference standard power amp but it is a pretty good amp at its $1200 MSRP. Clean sounding with a nice bottom end that is weighty for a 100W power output amp, makes this a front runner in the budget range of the mid-tier components. Built quality is good for the money and clearly, has reliability written all over it. Ideal pairing of this amp would be speakers in the mid to high efficiency range and where they are not too power hungry.

Some minor scuff marks can be found on the top cover with a small paint knick on the top left hand corner of the faceplate. Otherwise this amp works perfectly and is in good overall condition. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.