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In the early Eighties, the 4000 you see here was like the Megalodon of Class A amps. Big, powerful and current hungry. The amp measures almost 17.5″ wide (19″ if measured on the faceplate) and deep with a height of 7″. Weighing close to 85 lbs, this massive amp is not something you would enjoy moving around. Once you find the ideal spot where you want (ideally with good ventilation) it, anchor it down and just enjoy the massive Class A power it produces. Many Class A amps from that era are typically 20W, 25W or even 50W. But at 200W, they are usually massive where much of the real estate on the amp is devoted to heat sinks to help dissipate the heat as efficiently as possible. The Threshold 4000 is no different in that respect. But what it is different is how affordable their 200W of Class A is being offered. At $2,200, it wasn’t cheap then but when compared to other similar 200W Class A amps, it was a bargain. In today’s dollar, this amp would have an MSRP close to $9,000. So for under $1,200 now, this is a steal.

Producing the 200W in the 4000 is a herculean task. The massive transformer inside is a like sponge for electricity. It sucks current with a gargantuan appetite so ideally, this amp should be plugged straight into the wall outlet or to a power conditioner that is not current limiting. Match this with a solid state preamp (tube preamps can be paired but you would need to experiment) and a pair of speakers that can take the current from the 4000 and you could easily find your self in audio heaven. The 4000 is an unabashed amplifier. Feed it with anything and it rips it out into your speakers. Bass was high impact with clean mids and detailed highs. Soundstage was produced with clear lines that is like being carved out in your listening room. This is a good old American muscle amp that will still beat anything (in or opinion) out there for under $1,200.

The 4000 is in nice shape for its vintage. Some scuff marks here and there but nothing major and a bot of purple hue tint on the heatsinks which is very common on Class A amps due to the heat generated . The amp is a hefty piece so shipping will not come cheap but will come securely packed. Local pickup from our store preferred.