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These are the massive 250W Class A monoblocks from Threshold. They are extremely rare and are one of the more coveted amps to own by any audiophile who wants an uncompromise sound. Each amp is 28″ deep, 19″ wide and 9″ tall. The SA-12e is all about massive power and dynamics. Preamp selection can prove to be critical in bringing out the best from them but once you find the right pairing (any Threshold preamps would do perfectly), they will drive any speakers with ease. There is the immediacy that comes across. Midrange was rich and more define than the Pass Labs XA200 that we compared it with. But it lacks the extra refinement we have been enjoying from the Pass Labs. The Pass Labs is a more “cultured”, classy operator while the Thresholds were unrestricted in their ability to bring out the best in music. So it all boils down to the individual taste. You won’t go wrong with either especially if the pre/power combo is an all Threshold affair but we have enjoyed both amps tremendously. If rarity is a factor, the Threshold wins hands down.

Both amps are in very nice condition. Minor scuff marks but nothing major. Freight shipping is the only way to ship these monsters unless you can come and pick them up in which case, bring a van. It will not fit inside a regular sedan.