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The S/150 STASIS is the “cheapest” model in their “S-xxx” series of amplifiers. Back in the day $1,400 was quite a decent sum of money (would have been $4,600 in today’s dollars) for 75W per channel. But this was no ordinary 75W amp. As one of Nelson Pass’s design, the S/150 was anything but the “cheapest” model in the range. In fact, many audiophiles considered the S/150 as either the best sounding or the best value amp in the range. It had a very smooth transparent sound with a nicely tight bass that wasn’t too boomy. If you properly assemble a system around it (that is a good source unit, preamp and speakers), you would not be disappointed with how the the system sounded. One of the best setups we heard a while back was a S/150 paired with the Threshold FET 10 preamp, Pioneer Stable Platter CD player and Thiel speakers. The soundstage was incredible with amazing width and depth. This unit was recently re-capped so it is good for many more years to come. For under $1,000 now, this amp is easily one of the best you can get if your budget is $1,000. The S-series of amps have become somewhat of a cult favorite and are collected all over the World by discerning audiophiles.

Cosmetically,the amp looks really good. Minor scuff marks here and there that are common with use. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this monster for safe shipping.