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The STASIS range of amplifiers from Threshold was and still is, one of the best range of amplifiers ever made. The STASIS 3 you see here is a 125W powerhouse that still beats many newer amps out there and for the money, is still one of the best buys out there. Solidly constructed with a very well conceived design, it is a benchmark bearer for under $2,000 MSRP amps (even rivals amps costing as much as $5,000) where its level of precision, speed, transparency, detail, soundstaging and depth truly sets it apart from its competition. Many audiophiles, new and old, have taken notice and over the years, have made the STASIS 3 somewhat a collectible piece where its re-sale prices have slowly appreciated in value. So for under $1,700 now, this is an easy best buy when you compare to other alternatives at this price point.

Cosmetically,the amp looks really good. Minor scuff marks here and there that are common with use but nothing major. Amp will be securely packed for safe shipping.