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The TD145 is one of the great all time classic turntable. This particular unit had one owner since new and based off on what he told us, he never found a better sounding turntable to replace it unless he had to spend many times more than its original $325 MSRP. And we couldn’t agree more. If good old analog sound is what you want to hear, the TD145 fulfills it. It currently has a Grado Prestige MM cartridge which you could upgrade to extract more out of this turntable. Other “mods” that other users have done to vastly improve the sound is to replace out the interconnect cables and the RCA plugs and have it wired for ground to remove the occasional hum (depending on the preamp, phono and integrated amp it is connected to). In our listening session with this TD145, we didn’t had to ground it but the RCA plugs needed a bit of nudging to get a good contact point to reduce a bit of low level hum. Isolating the turntable was another beneficial exercise. We mounted it above three Nordost Sort Kones and the improvement was immediate. The soundstage was reign in tighter and the imaging had better definition. As good as the turntable is bone stock (like this one), the potential to make it an even greater one by starting out at just under $400 is a proposition not to be miss.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very good condition for its vintage. Some minor scuff marks that are common with use but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.