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In celebration of their 30th Anniversary, Thiel picked the CS2.4, gave it a massive revamp and offered a very limited 150 pairs to the World. In the World where there are millions of audiophiles, owning a pair of this is like hitting the lottery. Physically, it shares the same 11″ x 41.5″ x 14″ (WHD) as the regular CS2.4 but that is pretty the only thing that stayed the same. Internally the crossover network was re-worked where expensive premium caps was generously used. Drivers remained the same as the standard CS2.4 but secured with stainless steel rods on a slightly redesigned cabinet. Finish is a red stain vermillion maple and is unique to this limited edition CS2.4 SE (Signature Edition). The speakers are supplied with sturdy aluminum outriggers and spikes to keep the speakers securely anchored down to the ground. The rear binding post plate has Jim Thiel’s signature on it which is also only unique to these 150 prs.

I think the biggest difference between this and the standard CS2.4 is its musical extension. Bass was deeper, the mids fuller, more textured and the highs had a “higher reach”. It just sounded more classier. The premium parts used did elevate the speakers up a level so that was a good thing. In the CS2.4SE, the nominal impedance and sensitivity stayed the same at 4 ohm and 87 dB but its frequency range now dips down to 33 Hz and the highs can now reach 37 KHz. Positioning in the room is critical so we would encourage spending some time experimenting because the final result can be stunning. The speakers love a lot of current and we were not shy in giving it. Try 200W or moreĀ  to really reap the full potential of these speakers.

Cosmetically, the speakers look really nice. Just the usual scuff marks/nicks common with use. We have the original boxes but due to their weight, they should be shipped freight for safe arrival. Local pickup is welcomed.