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The CS2.3 is now the third model we have in the store that includes the CS2.2 and CS2.4. All three models come highly recommended by reviewers and we would recommend them to any audiophile who wants a top notch speaker. All that is needed now to decide on which one best fit your system is your budget and the makeup of the rest of your system.

Physically, the CS2.3 is almost similar in size with the CS2.2 and CS2.4 with marginal 1″ difference here and there. The bigger difference is the type of drivers used between the three models. The CS2.3 and CS2.4 have anodized aluminum coincident drivers where the tweeter is fitted into the center of the mid-range driver. The CS2.2, which is an older model, has separate metal dome tweeter and plastic-cone mid-woofers. The CS2.4 has an elliptical shape passive radiator (similar to the CS2.2) whilst the CS2.3 has a 9″ circular shape radiator. The CS2.3 has a sensitivity of 87dB and a nominal impedance of 4 ohms (which is almost similar to the other two models).

Listening to the CS2.3 however, is another exercise with bountiful rewards. The soundstage is slightly more focused on the CS2.3 (and the CS2.4) than the CS2.2 but it is very marginal. Bass was tight, punchy and fast with the mid-range producing clean lines that brings the imaging into a very 3D like effect. Highs were smoother in the CS2.3 and CS2.4 but was only more noticeable when driven by tube amps. Like the CS2.4, the CS2.3 needs high quality amplification with 100W the recommended minimum. These are really fantastic speakers for under $1,000!

Cosmetically, the speakers are in good shape. Minor scuff marks here and there which are common with use and a small patch on the edge of the bass radiator where a ding was “repaired”. Not really visible until up close and not at all when the grille cover is on. Grille cover is in great condition. A key note on removing them – start at the bottom, gently pull the grille cover to you and than up and over. The grille cover is secured when you slip the grille frame over the top edge and from the bottom with horizontal pegs. We don’t have the original boxes so pickup from the store is recommended. Each speaker weighs around 91 lbs and if shipping is required, freight is highly recommended.