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The CS series is one of the most decorated range of speakers any manufacturer would gladly have in their range. The CS3.6 you see here is another winner in a string of big hits from Thiel. It is bigger than the CS2.3 and CS2.4 (both also Stereophile recommended speakers) that we have sold earlier and is far more heavier at 107 lbs each. With a bigger 10″ bass woofer and a 10″ passive bass radiator, the CS3.6 can punch much lower frequencies than the other two models. Add a 4.5″ mid-range driver and a 1″ metal dome tweeter, the frequency range on the CS3.6 starts off at 27 Hz and extends all the way to 22 KHz. With a nominal impedance of 4 ohm and a sensitivity of 86 dB, these speakers require a generous amount of power for it to reach its full potential. The manufacturer recommends a minimum of 100W at least. We drove them with a pair of 400W Krell monoblocks and they were phenomenal. The soundstage was expansive and imaging well centered with a dynamic presence. Bass was punchy and fast with the mids and highs ruthlessly revealing with standout transparency. Speakers do need space around them to “breathe” and to be positioned carefully (some experimentation is required since your room size and make up would probably be different from ours) so try to give them at least 2-3 feet from the back and side wall and around 6-8 feet apart from each other. Each speaker stands 48.5″ tall, 12.5″ wide and 17″ deep. The pair here has the premium rosewood which cost $1,200 more.

Cosmetically, the speakers are in really nice shape. Minor scuff marks here and there which are common with use with one barely noticeable 1/4″ ding (when the grille cover is on) on the front side edge of one speaker. The side of one speaker is a bit “browner” due to it being nearer the window and had some sun tanning. There Grille cover is in great condition. A key note on removing them – start at the bottom, gently pull the grille cover to you and than up and over. The grille cover is secured by vertical pegs that go in from the top and from the bottom with horizontal pegs. We have the original boxes so we can either ship them as two boxes, strapped them on a pallet (safest) or local pickup from the store. Previous owner lost the spikes so they won’t be included. Each speaker weighs around 107 lbs.