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This is the fabulous sounding CS2.2 from Thiel Audio. It comes highly recommended by Stereophile magazine and is by far, one of the best sounding floorstanders for under $3,000 when new. They are one of our most favorite speakers. Rock solid performance from one of the best sounding range ever to come out from any manufacturer. Soundstage was immaculate with good placement and depth and a captivating, punchy bass. Positioning of speakers does make a big impact and in the right room size, can really throw out and out of this World musical presentation. For under $1,500 now, its unsurpassed performance at $3,000 MSRP makes it a ridiculous bargain!

Cosmetically, the speakers are in really good shape. Minor scuff marks here and there but all age appropriate. Grille cover is in great condition. A key note on removing them – start at the bottom, gently pull the grille cover to you and than up and over. The grille cover is secured by vertical pegs that go in from the top and from the bottom with horizontal pegs. We have the original boxes and they are shipped in tow boxes. Each speaker weighs around 91 lbs so they could go ground but freight is highly recommended.