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The DSPro series was one of Theta’s highly successful and well regarded benchmark series that many other DAC manufacturers compare themselves with. The original Basic was a Stereophile recommended component that spawn into 3 later versions culminating in the Basic IIIa. Compared to today’s DAC, it will easily rival some of the upsampling DACs with its easy demeanor, sweet balance and musical presence. If you currently own a sub $1,000 CD player and want to give it a “new” lease of life, this Theta might just do it for you. Another key advantage of the Theta is its XLR output (if your CD player doesn’t a pair of XLR outputs) and its AES/EBU digital input which is usually found on more “high end” units.

Cosmetically, the unit looks okay. Some scuff marks on the top cover and edges of the faceplate but nothing major. Faceplate is a bit thick (design issue) so the push buttons need to be depress further to lock in or you can adjust to your liking with the inner screws (another design peculiarity). We do not have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping. Original manual is included.