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In the early 2000’s, this was the AV processor/preamp that is found in home theater systems that had a five or even six figure price tag. It was so configurable to the individual system that a fully option unit would easily hit $20,000. That was a lot of money but it was still far cheaper than Mark Levinson’s No.40 AV processor preamp. Sonically, you would be splitting hairs trying to tell them apart. The Levinson has more expansion slots and has a longer list of options but if we just measure the sonic abilities of both units, they will do proudly in any system. In the current face of newer processing softwares, the Casablanca III is still an impressive performer. In fact, if you don’t care much about its home theater ability, its an excellent stereo preamp too and would easily rival anything out there now costing up to $5,000. It has a distinct clarity and sharpness to detail where it cuts out a soundstage that is impressive for a “preamp” costing under $2,000 now. Previous owner went with the XLR option card for the front stereo, center and subwoofer and keeping the rest in RCA. Current designated inputs, analog and digital, were preset by the previous owner and will be left as such. You can always reassign them if you want. Manual is available online.

Cosmetically, the unit is in nice shape. Very minor scuff marks but nothing major. Some letterings on the remote is a bit worn out but still discernible. We have the original box for the Casablanca II which fits it nicely and will double box it for safe shipping.