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The Ultra Silver power cord is Tellurium Q’s flagship model under their range of power cords. It is a significant jump over their next model, the Black Power Cable, both sonically and in price. We tried this cable with various components and found it to work best with sources (CD players and DAC) and preamps. There was an improved extension in the headroom, improved clarity, better focus and much tighter bass response when we tried it on the Esoteric K-03 CD player and Audio Research Reference 3 preamp. This was a custom ordered 1m cable because the previous owner felt that the standard 1.5m length would leave too much “ugly” strings of cables behind the rack.

Tellurium Q cables have been garnering some¬†highly rated¬†reviews Worldwide and we have to concur. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.