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Here is the award winning, flagship speaker cables from Tellurium Q of England. Previous owner had them in a $140,000 system but with a recent change in the speakers used (active speakers that take in line in instead of speaker wires), they became redundant in this new setup. The Silver Diamond are an award winning series of cables and have won many accolades over the years. These are cables that are really over engineered for its $7,100 MSRP. One feel of the condutors in the cables and you can tell this is a serious pair of cables with a solid feel and built quality behind it. Many users and reviewers of the Silver Diamond swear this is the best cable they have ever used and had it not for that system change the previous owner went through, would have kept it as the last cable he will ever own. The Silver Diamond is all about extrapolating every ounce of detail from the music and carrying it through to the speakers. When we put them into one of our system, its like having a freight train running through our system/speakers. The level of details, clean sound and realism is not what we had expected from a pair of cables that cost under $10,000.  Even though the cable is made of silver, it doesn’t exhibit some of the “harshness” other lesser silver cables has. Music was conveyed very swiftly and smoothly.

Cosmetically the cables look really good. Some scuff marks from use (mainly on the banana plugs) and some of the banana pins may not be ramrod straight, but they are not major issues. One of the banana plugs is missing a fin (one out of three fins) that expands out when the bananas are being interlocked. This has no impact on the sound quality or functionality. We have the original box and will be securely packed for safe shipping.