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This cable is fresh off the boat from the U.K. from a recent trade. We have never used this cable in any of our system before so we were highly anticipating its arrival after reading its many positive reviews. The cable was well worth its wait and hype. It had incredible resolution and detail. Place side by side with Nordost’s Valhalla interconnect cables, the Silver Diamond is comparable but at a lower price tag even though this is the brand’s flagship cable. Although the cable is made of silver, it doesn’t exhibit some of the “harshness” other lesser silver cables has. Music was conveyed very swiftly and smoothly.¬†Finish is first class with premium materials used like all top end reference cables. See our other listing for the 1m XLR pair.

Cables are highly rated by reviewer’s Worldwide and we have to concur. We have the original box and will be securely pack for safe shipping.