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The SU-8080 integrated amp from Technics is a hefty piece of component that was primarily designed for the vinyl enthusiast. There are two phono inputs and four line inputs (two of them cassette decks or reel to reel back in the day) and a host of controls to fine tune your setup with your turntable. In its day, this was one of the “go to” integrated amp when you want to setup a classy vinyl based system that cost way under $2,000 but sounded much more expensive. A Linn LP12 with the Technics and a pair of Mission 762i speakers on Target stands was one of the most positively rated setup that was affordable, conservative and truly enjoyable. The SU-8080 packs a robust 72W per channel and geared for MM cartridges. If you are using a MC cartridge, you will need to use a step up transformer. For under $200 now, this is a crazy good integrated amp for the money. Solid built quality, effortless smooth sound, resounding bottom end, sweet highs and a nostalgic “audio credential” that makes some newer and more expensive integrated embarrassingly “bad”. One thing to note though, speaker wires accepted by the Technics is bare wire and ideally, a thin gauge solid core type.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Some scuff marks and light scratches here and there that are age appropriate. Previous owner had the unit re-capped a few years ago so it still has many more god years left. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack them for safe shipping.