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The Technics SP-15 was one of the finest turntable of its time and is still one of the best out there for the money. But what makes THIS SP-15 even more special is the assembling of all the right pieces to make it an even greater turntable. Namely the highly rated Dynavector DV-505 arm and the accompanying DV-10×4 MC cartridge, which was widely regarded as the best high output (2.5mV) MC cartridge. Just the arm alone is worth in the region of $2,000 to $3,000 (based on what we have seen being asked by other sellers and transacted) in the used market. The arm, in our opinion and to be truly honest, is the star of the whole assembly. One look at it and you will agree with us the arm is a work of art. Engineering takes on a whole new level in the DV-505. The arm is broken into two sections where the head shell and cartridge reside in a secondary arm that has its own counterweight which you will need to adjust to counter balance the weight from whichever cartridge you use. The SP-15 on the other hand is a three speed turntable that you can select between 33.3, 45 and 78 rpm and has a manual pitch control where you can make finer adjustments. They were originally sold without an arm and was up to the new buyer to pick and choose what he/she preferred or has the budget for or the sound they want out of their SP-10. This table has upgraded solid aluminum footers which added considerable stability and isolation to the turntable and allowed the platter/motor assembly to spin with a flat balance. The AC cord has also been replaced with one that has a C14 plug on its end. This will allow the use of any kind of AC cords (just need to plug it into the C14) to help improve the sound on the turntable.

The final pieces to this well assembled puzzle was the use of the DV-10×4 MC cartridge and upgraded phono cables (DH Labs Silver Sonic Dimension phono cables which retail for $350). With the DV-10×4 you get to extract out the “music” from the record and through the upgraded phono cables, transferred out to the phono stage/ phono preamp. All the good stuff from beginning to end. Like any used cartridge, we always recommend the new buyer/owner to have a replacement ready. The DV-10×4 that is currently on it works fine now but because we cannot accurately determine the hours it has been used for, always recommend to have a new replacement ready.

Cosmetically, the unit looks good. Some light scuff marks here and there that are age appropriate but nothing major. We don’t have the original box so local pickup from our store is preferred. If shipping is required, please contact us for a rate quote. This is a pretty hefty turntable and will have to be very “over” packed to ensure it arrives safely.