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When TEAC first launch their VRDS system in the nineties, it brought the CD player category to a whole new level. Their disc clamping system was a remarkable piece of engineering and it became audibly obvious that a well engineered transport can make a great CD player/transport.

The VRDS-10 was a highly regarded and very revealing player. Musical pieces played through the VRDS-10 had a very clean, neutral, un-colored and “no-fuss” sound to it. To some extent, if there were any weak link in your system, it will ruthlessly point it out. So with an initial price tag of $1250, which was considered a bargain back then, it had higher aspirations than the mid-tier price range TEAC had priced it for. This is one player that will shine in a system that cost up to $8,000. Some users of the player may criticize it for being to clinical sounding but remember, this is a player that is like a scalpel. It cuts cleanly the first time and not like a serrated knife that needs to “saw” through it. So if you have some top notch amps and speakers and want to hear every nuances on your CDs, look no further. You won’t find a more revealing CD player/transport for under $800 than this VRDS-10. This was previously used in a home recording studio where the accurate reproduction of a recording was of paramount importance. Naturally, the “pro-audio” buttons was a great sway factor in that being the choice player in the recording studio too!

Unlike most other VRDS-10 CD players you see being sold on the internet, this is the rarer version with voltage selector. It is 120V or 230V selectable on the rear so this unit will work anywhere in the world! We have the original box, manual and remote for it. This is the probably the best looking unit around!