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Tannoy’s DC6 LCR speaker is a multi purpose speaker that can be purchased singly for center channel application or in fives for a full five channel setup. This light oak finish speaker has three 6″ drivers where the center unit is a dual concentric driver with a tweeter in the middle. The other two is a bass driver and its accompanying passive radiator. Collectively, the speakers run on a nominal impedance of 8 ohm with a 89dB sensitivity. Frequency response if 34 Hz to 35 KHz. The speaker is of a good size – about 24″ wide, 9″ tall and 9″ deep which will fit nicely under a TV size of up to 60″. With that many drivers and a good size cabinet, the sound presence coming out from it is very impressive for a center speaker costing under $500. Dialogue was well centered and full bodied and when a faster and more punchy responses are required (like action scenes) it was able to rise up to the challenge but albeit in a rather “polite” manner.

Cosmetically, it is in fair shape. There is a small corner ding on the front top corner and some light scratches here and there and around the aluminum case ring surrounding the drivers. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.