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This a beautifully finished (gloss walnut) center channel speaker. And its not a case where beauty is only skin deep. The Precision 6C has the credentials befitting a top class home theater system. What sets it apart from other center speaker is their Dual Concentric driver array where the titanium dome tweeter is mounted center axis in the 6″ woofer. It is than flanked by two more 6″ Auxiliary Bass Radiators. These two 6′ woofers provide the deeper end bass response (170Hz and below) while the main 6″ woofer and tweeter provide the main frequency range of response. The advantage of using a Dual Concentric driver array is the pin-point imaging it is capable of reproducing. In a stereo setup, the imaging is dead center in the soundstage but in a center channel application, it reproduces the soundtracks dead center with the screen image above/below it. The 6C is a pretty fast responding center speaker so when action sequences are called for, it attacks it with lots of vigor. With dialogues, the 6C is the king of sub-$1,000 center channel speaker with its accuracy.

Cosmetically, it is in nice shape. The right front bottom corner has a slight ding which is barely noticeable unless you flip the speaker over or look for it. Otherwise, minor polishing swirl marks which is the usual case with gloss finish. We¬†don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.