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The DC-10A is Tannoy’s Definition Series “flagship” speaker. Featuring their tried and tested Dual Concentric driver technology, each speaker has a 10″ woofer with a 2″ aluminum alloy dome tweeter placed dead center in the woofer that are then complemented with the Alnico magnet system. The speakers are rather big floorstanders with a height of 45″, width of 14″ and depth of 17″. The weight of almost 95 lbs for each speaker is a testament to the high built quality that went into these speakers. With a sensitivity of 93 dB and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, one would argue that these speakers would need just a few watts to drive them but we paired them with Viva’s Aurora 845 tube monoblocks (50W Class A) and they sounded amazing. The mids and highs were incredibly expressive, forward and had 3D like imaging. Soundstage was wide with a good deal of depth if you have the speakers placed 18″ or more from the back wall. With a frequency range of 28 Hz to 22 KHz, the bass was no slouch either. The bass notes was surprisingly quick and taut with good depth into the bottom end. We did had to play around with the angle of the toe in in our room to reign in the bass and have the soundstage “blend” seamlessly across the “stage” in our room. But since the speakers were so precise in their delivery, we found their optimum spot within 5-10 mins.

Cosmetically, the speakers are in great shape. One of two very tiny scuff marks and a bit of “tan” lines around the grille cover edges on the speakers but nothing major. Speakers had one owner from new and was very well cared for. We have the spike kit and manual but no boxes. So local pickup from our store preferred or they will be strapped on a pallet and shipped as freight.