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Tandberg was to a certain degree, the lesser known Norwegian rival to Electrocompaniet. They didn’t make expensive high end stuff like Electrocompaniet but made some very decent sounding mid-range hifi components. The TPA-3006A stereo amp was one such decent amp. It shares many traits with some of the Adcom amps that we are also selling at the moment but it had a slightly richer mid-range and deeper resonance at the upper mid-bass. Built quality was good (but we are not personal fans of the multi-plate structure chassis cover) for what it was priced at and especially with that pretty hefty transformer inside. There is really nothing to fault with this amp. It was musical and had ample power to drive most speakers out there. Speaker terminals on the rear panel will accept bare wire, spades or banana pins (not the typical banana plugs). Amp is rated to deliver 150W in 8 ohm and 220W in 4 ohm. That’s a lot of power for under $400 now especially at this level of quality!

Cosmetically, there are some scuff marks here and there that are common with use but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. Amp has 115V/230V switch on the rear which you can select. So this can be used anywhere in the World.