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The Raven C floorstanding speakers at under $2,500 now are smashingly excellent sounding speakers. If you have the room (small and “smallish” medium size room will not do) and the right amp to drive them, you will be taken aback by the large musical scale, soundstage and the bass these speakers (10″ woofers) are capable of. In fact, the bass you get out from them at this price point is by far the best we have heard. Its comparable to the Wilson Audio WATT/Puppy 7 setup but cost thousands less. With that huge savings, you can invest into better amps, speaker cables and then you would really literally leave the WP7 on the curbside. The ceramic tweeter projected a clean and sweet high which enhanced the detailed presentation. But ultimately, its the room size and amp that really puts the speaker on its pedestal.

The Raven C is an improved version of the original Raven which saw improvements in the damping and reinforcement of the obelisk shape cabinet, efficiency and crossover. Now, the Raven C can be paired to any amp rated from as low as 1W to 1,000W and bass extending down to 19Hz. Nominal impedance is 8 ohms with a sensitivity of nearly 92dB. Each speaker weighs a hefty 130 lbs each and stands 41″ tall, 21″ wide and 18″ deep.

Cosmetically, the speakersĀ are in good shape. Some minor scuff marks/nicks here and there but nothing major. Grille covers are in great condition. A logo badge on the speaker binding post is missing on one of the speaker. We don’t have the original boxes so pickup from the store is recommended. If shipping is required, we will strap them on a pallet and have them shipped as freight.