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Synergistic cables have always been pushing the boundary in cable designs (amongst other things) and the Element CTS is another such cable where it brings a new level of musical resolution to your hifi system. With trickled down technology from their reference Galileo series, the Element CTS features their Active Shielding Air Dialectric technology which in our opinion, is the best in the industry for active shielding and Enigma Tuning Bullets which you can further customize the sound with the different set of Tuning Bullets. The previous owner bought the Grey and Black Tuning bullets for his setup. The Grey is a hybrid version of the Silver (open, airy sound) and Black where it offers a balance mix of an open but warm and rich sound. The Black is for the speakers that sounds too bright and you want to add some warmth to it. So if you get these cables, play around the two Tuning Bullets to find what is best for your system.

As you can see from the pictures, cables are in very nice shape except the ends where they have bananas. Previous owner snapped off one of the banana plugs (the originals are really flimsy) and replaced it with one that has a more solid pin. Two other banana pins are slightly bent but works. The amp end have spades and they are fine. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.