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If you have had the chance to listen to Synergistic Research’s Galileo range of speaker cables, you would probably agree with us that they are simply extraordinary. The Atmosphere is their more affordable range that is a chip off the “old Galileo block”. Being that it is only a “chip” off the old block, they enjoy some of the trickle down technology from the Galileo but in a limited scale to keep cost down but still maintain a high level of performance that parallels the Galileo. There are four levels under the Atmosphere range and the pair you see here is their Level 2. It shares many of the great attributes of the Galileo – holographic imaging, blackest of backgrounds, transient speed and a polished resolution. The MSRP on this pair is $1,300 (still a current model) while the Galileo is $15,000. So a big difference in monetary gap but if your total system cost is under $10,000, the Atmosphere would be more than sufficient to bring out the highlights of your system and speaker.

Cosmetically, the cables are in great shape. The grounding plug, cable and terminals are in great shape and intact. Cables will be securely packed for safe shipping. Google the brand Synergistic Research for lots of positive reviews and some very interesting cable design.