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This is Synergistic’s top of the range model and their next best offering outside the more expensive Galileo series of cables. For a pair of interconnect cables, the Atmosphere sure has a lot of technology jammed into it. It has the Uniform Energy Field (UEF) technology designed into it, features some sophisticated shielding that are built around the cable and its proprietary Atmosphere Tuning Modules (ATM) which allows the user to “tune” the way the cable sounded. This is the red and blue cylindrical bullets you see in the pictures. If you want to tune the cable to be warmer sounding, use the red bullets. But if you a more detailed, refined sound, use the blue bullets. So some experimentation in your system is clearly needed. In our setup, we preferred using the red bullets. Compared to their older active cables, the Atmosphere is by far, a much better cable. The newer EMI/RFI shielding technology has reduced its interference on the music to such lower levels, you can actually the minute details come up that were suppress by other cables that do not have it. Even their older active speakers that uses the MPC to filter it out is not even on the same footing as the Atmosphere. These are truly remarkable high end cables that deserves to be part of a high end system.

As you can see from the pictures, cables are in excellent shape. They were meticulously cared for by its one and only owner in an all Synergistic Cables setup (we also have another pair in 1.5m and a brand new in the box, Active Block for sale too). We have the original box and will securely pack it for safe shipping.