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This is a BRAND NEW Synergistic Research Active Block SE. The applications of this unit is vast and wide and underscores the importance of having the entire system properly grounded. We heard this unit on demo in one of the hifi shows and the difference between having it in the system and out of the system was remarkable. There is a lot of data and information on Synergistic Research’s website and the many reviews that have been written about it on internet so we suggest you go read them up instead of us just replicating it here. What we can tell you is that to perfectly ground your system, like how it is done here through the Active Ground Block SE, will involve an almost “spaghetti” like laid out in your system. Especially when you plan to actively ground your turntable, preamp, poweramp, source units and even USB based devices (additional HD Ground cables need to be purchased from Synergistic Research).

Being that this is the SE version, it comes with an Atmospheric Active Ground Block AC cord with Galileo UEF Tuning modules (non-SE version are supplied with UEF Black 10 gauge AC cord) which if you were to buy it on its own, would have cost you $1,995. It also has anĀ Internal biasing Active EM Cell which is not included in the non-SE version. So for $2,400 now, this is quite a steal! Unit will be securely double boxed for safe shipping.