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The Svelte Plus shelf from specialty manufacturer, Symposium Acoustics, is a multi purpose anti-resonant platform that could be used under components or speakers. Weight limit varies between 30 lbs to 300 lbs depending on component and where the load bearing will be. If it is placed flat on the floor, the shelf can take up to 300 lbs (like a speaker or amplifier for example) or if they are placed above four footers at each corner, it can take anything up to 30 lbs. So far, we place them over the existing shelf on our rack and usually under CD players, turntables and preamps. The two surfaces are polished stainless steel and sandwiched in between are their proprietary layers of foam that seems to be the epicenter of their “magic”. This is the “Plus” version where the center foam is 1.125″ thick instead of 5/8″. Width and depth is 19″ and 14″ respectively.

Cosmetically, there are minor scuff marks on the stainless steel surface and very minor corner dings from being used but nothing major.  The shelf will be securely packed for safe shipping.