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If you don’t like the idea of changing 16 D-cell batteries (like in the Ph3D), then this 20/20 is just right for you. It is a true mono design with two individual channels powered by two AC/DC adapters. This allows it to still use the benefits of DC power but with better channel separation via two input/output boards. The 20/20 is an amazingly quite phono preamp. Very well engineered and in Sutherland’s typical surgical precision layout, it offers a variety of gain and loading options internally. Gain options start at 40 dB and goes up in 6 dB increments till it reaches 64 dB while loading options start at 47.5 k Ohm and ends at 100 Ohm. Selection is very simple – just move the jumper to the required value you need.

The 20/20 is a very refined sounding phono preamp. Very silky smooth, quiet, transparent and beautifully presented soundstage. It is easily the best sounding affordable phono stage for under $3,000. This unit you see here was a former dealer demo piece. We have the original box and manual and unit looks perfect. Enjoy this at more than 30% off MSRP!