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Power surge is the last thing any audiophile wants to hear especially when they have invested thousands of dollars building up the system of their dream. So a surge eliminator like the XR115 you see here is probably the most important investment any proud owner of a hifi system should invest in. At its $800 MSRP, its an affordable way to safely protect your hifi investment from any kind of power surge and to also clean up your electrical current from harmful EMI/RFI interference. For under $300 now, its crazy to even ponder more than 10 seconds if this isĀ  wise investment. The XR115 has eight industrial grade outlets on the back panel which should be more than sufficient in any hifi setup.

Cosmetically, the unit looks great. It was a former static display piece from a hifi store where the front protective tape on the faceplate is still intact. We have the original packaging for it.