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To be quite honest, having this preamp in our store is akin to attending your 35th anniversary high school reunion and meeting your first love in the early teen years. Back in the Eighties, this was a much raved about preamp and if was not the dream machine of a budget audiophile, it was the preamp that made its home in theĀ  budget audiophile’s system. It was that simple. You either owned it or dreamt about it. For a preamp that barely sits larger than one square foot of space, it came with an outboard power supply, well engineered with a short signal path design and a price tag of less than $400, it was the knockout component that Stereophile Magazine emphatically recommended. Even today, for its measly price of $250, it is still a wonderful sounding preamp. It may not have the plain transparency of newer preamps but from a nostalgic angle, this is still a highly enjoyable preamp that when paired with a similar quality amp from the era (or newer) and a pair of Klipsch, Spendor, B&W etc speakers, you could be enjoying the memorable sound of the Eighties.

Cosmetically, the preamp looks good for its vintage. Some light scratches here and there, which are age appropriate, but nothing major. Unit has had one owner since new because he was so in love with it since day one. He upgraded the unit by adding spike footers under the unit. We have the original manual and will securely pack this for safe shipping.