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This is the model that started it all. Compact 12″ subwoofer cube with a ton of power which then led to its many “offsprings” down the road. Low bass was easily achieved (22Hz) and in fairly large volumes too. In the small to medium size room, this is probably good enough (unless you are a bass junkie). In larger rooms and louder volumes, you will need to go with a larger subwoofer because there is only so much an 8″ woofer can produce. In a stereo setting in our store, it paired perfectly with a pair of B&W CM1 monitor speakers to produce a full range sound. Controls are intuitive and is easy to adjust to fit your system/room/ears.

Cosmetically, the subwoofer has age appropriate scuff marks which a fresh coat of paint will refresh its appearance. Subwoofer will be securely pack for safe shipping.