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The speakers you see here are a modern iteration of the infamous Rogers LS-3/5a speakers that is produced by Sun Valley of Japan. The “clone” spots newer drivers and tweeters that are more detailed sounding and have a lower bass response. The original LS3/5a typically bottoms out at around 70Hz but the Sun Valley LS3/5a goes down to 50Hz and has a more “common” 8 ohm impedance. Sensitivity is also higher at 86dB versus 83dB on the original which makes the Sun Valley speaker sound louder at the same volume level. We have an original (non-biwired, 11 ohm version) Rogers LS3/5a in our store and when compared side by side, the Sun Valley sounded sharper and had a tighter, deeper bottom end. Soundstaging were equally good on both speakers and were actually pretty impressive given the “small” size of the speakers. As with the original LS3/5a, a pair of heavy duty speaker stands are needed for the speakers to sound their best and produce a more focus and exacting presentation. So depending on what are you after, the Sun Valley offers a close alternative to the original LS3/5a with a more detailed presentation and deeper, tighter bass response while the original has a more relaxed, warmer midrange. Sonically, they sound close but are not mirror images of each other. The Sun Valley LS3/5a is a more affordable version with a “tune-up” sound. We also have the original 11 ohm version for sale in a separate listing.

Cosmetically, the speakers are in very nice shape. The gloss black finish has the usual polishing swirl marks but nothing major. Speakers can be biwired or biamped. The speakers flew all the way from Japan and are ready to provide years of musical enjoyment to a new home. They will be securely packed for safe shipping.