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The Serenade 3 interconnect cable was Straight Wire’s top of the range cable (Level 4) until they moved it down to Level 3 when they introduced their Expressivo, Virtuso and Crescendo as the new Level 4 models. Under Level 3 now, it is the range topping model. If you want something that has a spacious soundstage as its signature, the Serenade 3 is that ticket. It has better harmonics and richer in detail than the Rhapsody S cable that we also have for sale in another listing. So it basically boils down to your system setup and your budget in choosing which cable better fits your system. The Rhapsody S is more for the starter system where you want a better cable over stock while the Serenade S is for the more “established” top end mid-fi system. Straight Wire cables has always been our go to brand when we want the best bang for the buck sound and the Serenade S is one of our favorite in the mid price point cables.

The pair you see here is brand new and was a “left over” after a custom install. Only taken out for the pics you see here. Cables will be securely packed for safe shipping.