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This Steve Blinn design is not your typical 22″ wide rack but a full 50″ wide and 25.25″ deep (measured at the frame) that is the vinyl’s enthusiast dream rack. Height is 42.75″. If you own one of those high end turntables, they usually have a foot print larger than the 22″x19″ shelf found on most typical racks. So with a shelf that is 47″ wide, 22″ deep and 1.75″ tall, you could fit any turntable on it and a phono preamp too. Each shelf weighs a hefty 44 lbs and with four shelves on this rack, the total weight of the rack is approaching 230 lbs. The height between each shelf can be adjusted to fit your needs but as it is currently setup, it is about 8″ on the second level and 11″ on the third and fourth level. If you put two components per shelf, it will fit eight components easily.

Overall condition of the rack is good with a bit of “suntan” on the shelves and some scuff marks/nicks here and there but nothing major. Rubber footers that are placed under each shelf (6 pcs per shelf) are included but you need to mix the round ones with the square ones. Rack is for pickup in our store but if shipping is required, it will be shipped strapped on a rack. We will not be dismantling it unless requested.