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As with any speakers that operates as a single driver point source speaker, there is no denying its purity in sound and its very focused soundstage. The Master Class SP1.1 speakers you see here is very unlike the Cain & Cain Single Horn speakers we sold a few months back. The SP1.1 has a more direct, intimate setting. Its soundstage was less wide (and that’s because the Cain & Cain are much larger speakers with bigger drivers, uses a Super Tweeter to supplement the top end and a deeper, more voluminous bottom end) but had good depth and when positioned correctly in the room, had a very holographic presentation. Frequency range of the SP1.1 is from 40Hz to 15KHz. If we had to compared the Cain & Cain with the SP1.1 on a level playing field, without the use of Super Tweeters, the SP1.1 is the more defining speaker. The highs were sharper and better detailed than the Fostex derived full range driver on the Cain & Cain. Similarly to the Cain & Cain, the SP1.1 is very sensitive and tube friendly at 93dB and could be driven by a high quality, low output tube amp. Which we did with a Blue Aura V30 20W tube amp with fantastic result. Bass could be supplemented by adding a subwoofer if you prefer to have a more impactful bottom end but we were pretty much happy with it the way it is.

So in summary, the SP1.1 are not speakers for everyone. If your musical taste is one where large scale presentation and deep voluminous bottom end is the order of the day, these are not for you. But if you have a medium to small size room, like listening to vocals, jazz and light rock, loves the sound of tubes and prefer a more intimate musical setting, these speakers might do it for you. Positioning them might take longer than usual (since you need to adjust and balance the toe in of each speaker) because they are more sensitive in the direction the speakers are pointing. But once you have them in the right place, you can sit back and enjoy the music.

Cosmetically, the speakers look good overall. A few knicks here and there that came about when the previous owner moved them from his vacation home upstate to his apartment in NYC. The usual polishing swirl marks on gloss black finish are the other usual culprit. We don’t have the original boxes so local pickup from our store is preferred or they will have to be shipped freight to ensure safe arrival.