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The Master Class Amp 2 is a diminutive size integrated amp that brings back memories of the Cyrus Two and Onix OA-21 integrated amps. Like the two older models, the Master Class Amp 2 has the same shoe box size profile with five line level inputs, simple controls (input selection and volume only) and 20W per channel. In our listening sessions, the Master Class Amp 2 has a rich sounding mid-range with nicely rolled off highs. Bass was a tad “looser” than the Cyrus and the Onix but has a warmer, more “flowery” mid-range. It may have a hint of tubes in its sound but has better extensions and sounded more like a hybrid integrated. Highly efficient speakers are strongly recommended. We tried the Master Class Amp 2 with Cain & Cain’s Single Horn Ben speakers with incredible result. In fact, we like this pairing over the pairing of Music Culture’s MC701 with the Cain & Cain. Not that the MC701 is a bad integrated amp just that the MC701s performed a lot better with current hungry speakers. In which case the Master Class Amp 2 ran out of steam real quick when put into this pairing. Previous owner has this integrated driving a pair of Avantgarde DUO speakers that made the amp sounded a lot larger than its size and paper specs.

$2,000 is a lot of money for an integrated amp. If we had to sell this amp at the listed price, we would say this is overpriced. But for under $800 now, it is worth putting it on your shopping list. It may not boast the same generous features found on other sub-$800 integrated amp (like remote control) but than again, finding another integrated amp that sounds just as good as the Master Class 2 will be a tough one. Amp is universal voltage so it will take anything from 100v to 240v.

Cosmetically, the integrated amp looks good. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping.