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The Stein Music Harmonizer system listed here is a 11 piece set. It comprises four Harmonizers (“a” and “b”), four stands, five Black Stones and two Black Diamonds. If you, like us, have some initial reservation about the Harmonizer System, they will be banished once you hear them “at work” in your system. The entire system works “passively” outside your system. It is not plugged into any of your components or even the “electrical grid” of your system. Being battery powered, the Harmonizers has this as their power source. Setting up was a breeze too. The Harmonizers are placed on their stands into the two corners of the front of the room. Four of the Black Stones are then placed in each corner with the fifth directly behind the listening position. The two Black Diamonds are placed in the center front and back of the room. We had one of the Black Diamonds placed on top of the CD player on the rack and the second piece directly behind the listening position together with the fifth Black Stones.

We listened to one of our favorite track which we were very familiar with and left the Harmonizers off. After getting more familiar with the song, we turned the Harmonizers on and boy what a difference it made! The vocal soundtrack that we were using took on a more “bodily” imaging. The highs were a bit more extended and the music generally felt more energetic, more “alive”. The previous “setting” we were familiar to, became more focused. Musical instruments were more accurately placed in the sound stage. It was quite simply, an amazing change. ¬†Little wonder now why Stereophile was singing praises on the Harmonizers.

The previous owner of this set started off with a pair of Harmonizers and the Black Stones and Black Diamonds. When he heard the improvements, he added two more Harmonizers and stands. Two of the stands where he used in the front of the listening rooms had custom spikes on them because they were standing on carpeted areas. He has removed the spikes and we will be adding rubber feet on these two stands. The other two stands have the factory rubber feet. And it also appears that Stein Music changed the attenuation knob on the later production Harmonizers as they are a bit larger. Other than that, this is an amazing setup. Gloss black finish is always the most difficult to photograph. So finger prints are obvious and the Harmonizers have some minor polishing swirls that are always common with gloss black finishes. Original boxes except for the stands and one of the Harmonizers (customer couldn’t find it).