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This is a 8 piece Stein Music H2 Harmonizer system. It comprises of two Harmonizers (“a” and “b”), two Black Stones two Black Diamonds and two Blue Magic Diamonds. Each system starts with two H2 Harmonizers and depending on the setting of your room, you add the Black Stones and Diamonds to best “enhance” your room. The entire system works “passively” outside your system. It is not plugged into any of your components or even the “electrical grid” of your system. Being battery powered (not included), the Harmonizers has this as their power source. Setting up was a breeze too. The Harmonizers are placed into the two front corners of the room (either on stands or in the previous owner’s case, mounted on wall shelves). The two Black Stones were placed in the same front two corners and one Black Diamond between the speakers and the other in the center back of the room. The two Blue Magic Diamonds were placed in the two rear corners of the room. The configuration of where each Stones or Diamonds go is really up to you, your room and where your components reside. So play around with them and see what configuration works best in your room because not all suggested settings have a universal application. When placed in their optimal positions in one of our sound rooms, we were able to get an improved imaging, better focus and a “livelier” presentation. Which may be why Stereophile was singing praises on the Harmonizers.

Cosmetically, the set looks good. The H2 Harmonizers are in great shape with minor polishing swirls marks that are always common with gloss black finishes. One of the Black Stones have a missing label under it and the usual scuff marks here and there on the rest of the Stones and Diamonds. We have the original boxes for the H2s and will surely pack them for safe shipping.