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The Dream V10 series of speaker cables was the next best thing after the flagship Royale series. In its current iteration, the Dream V14, a similar 2m pair would retail for $18,000 and a similar 2m Royale pair is an astounding $39,500! So in relative terms, for under $4,000 on this V10, these cables are a huge bargain. Sonically, these cables are astounding. Period. They deserved to be paired with the best speakers out there because their level of performance is beyond what most sub-$15,000 speaker cables are capable off. You just need to see the picture of the dissected cable and the write up on Stealth Audio’s website to fully understand the amount of technology and the painstaking process it takes to make each pair of cables. We have seen other cables that command the same five figure price tag but is no where near the V10 in terms of design and build.

These cables were previously paired to a pair of Magico M5 ($90,000 MSRP) speakers and were selected by the previous owner because he found them to be the best in his $15,000 budget. We spent some time listening this setup and can’t disagree with his choice. Even the Nordost Odin speaker cables (our go to reference cables) that we brought along as a comparison was at best equal (but not better) to it but retails for THREE times more at $38,000! So do the math and you can clearly which is the better buy.

The cables are in great shape. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the certificate and leather bag that comes with it and will have it securely pack for safe shipping.