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STAX has been making some of the finest sounding electrostatic headphones in the industry. And this combo here is no exception. With a frequency response of 8 Hz to 35 kHz and a distortion level so low (0.007%), it makes the specs on your conventional speakers look like crap. This is why when you slip the “earspeakers” (this is how Stax describe them) over your ears, you get to enjoy a clarity, details and the revealing nature of the earspeakers unlike any conventional speakers, even if you put your ears right next to your pair of conventional speakers. Another affirmation to their superior sound among other headphones is how they were in production for almost 13 years and during that period was rated one of the best (if not the best) headphones money can buy. The other half to this wonderful sounding combo is the tube output (uses two 6CG7 tubes), pure Class A and DC-coupled amplifier. The SRM-T1 has three outlets in the front for three STAX headphones – two 580V and one 230V and have two pairs of RCA ins on the back. Personally, we prefer over the ear headphones versus in ear headphones. Its more comfortable and the sound dynamics are more akin to listening from a pair of conventional speakers. The length of the cord on the earspeakers are 8′ but the previous does a lot of his listening on his listening chair (that he uses to listen to his conventional speakers) which is why he bought a 16′ extension cord (which we will be including) to allow him to enjoy his music on his listening chair.

The headphones and amp is in good shape. Ear pad cushions are in good shape for its vintage and other than a few light scratches on the top of the amplifier casing, there is nothing major like dings or dents. Both the headphones and amp will be securely packed for safe shipping.