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If you want an “interestingly designed” isolation footers that also does what it was intended to do, look no further. With its metallic red finish and “flying saucer” like shape, the Strange Attractors, in our opinion, is perhaps the most attractive of them all. They are one of the more premier isolation footers in the industry. Combining the benefits of graphite and aluminum in its composition, the Strange Attractors help “dissipate” any vibrations from permeating into the component or speaker it is attached to. The set you see here is the Decoupled version which has an elastomer ring that will sit between it and your component. That elastomer layer will help dissipate vibration energy from the component sitting above it. So it works best with speakers or turntables that do not have a spring suspension in it. It will accept 1/4-20 threaded studs if your current component is fitted with it. The weight limit for each Attractor is 16 lbs so if you use all four under your component, it is good for up to 64 lbs. We have the original packaging for it. Except for minor scuff marks, the set looks really good.