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If these speakers look strangely familiar, its because it has its roots tied back to Joachim Gerhard formerly from Audio Physic. And in the Anima CS speakers you see here, its the fruit of a collaborative effort between Canalis and Spiral Groove. The speakers are rather compact – 10″ wide, 10.5″ deep and 16″ tall and weigh 24lbs each. Each speaker has a 5.25″ aluminum alloy woofer and a 1″ metal soft dome tweeter. This gives the speaker a frequency range of 44 Hz to 33 KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 86 dB. The speakers on its own sells for $6,000 and the matching stands (included in our asking price) was a $1,500 option.

These speakers have an incredible punch. If you had to do a blind listening test, you would have thought you were listening to something bigger, maybe even a floorstander like Totem’s Forest mid-range floorstander. The Anima CS is a soulful sounding speaker. It projects music with a generous amount of emotion and forte. When placed correctly in the room and driven with a top class amp, the speakers are far more impressive than its diminutive size may suggest. Manufacturer does recommend an amp with 120W which we gladly obliged and gave it 200W instead. The soundstage was wide and deep with a well placed imaging in our 15′ by 24′ feet room. Vocals were particularly engaging where the singer was placed right center between the speakers. Built and finish is incredible with the use of bamboo and with some “tweaks” (mainly noise reducing features) from Spiral Groove – like the 3/4″ steel base attached to the bottom of the speaker and more premium parts on the crossover board. All of which, enhanced the speaker’s overall response.

Cosmetically, the speakers look great. On the top side corner edge of one speaker, there is a slight imperfection on the bamboo material but is barely noticeable unless up close. Stands has a couple of scuff marks from previously living a life as a store demo piece but still look very presentable. Speakers and stands will be securely packed for safe shipping. They will be a two box shipment.