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This is by far, the most interesting power cord in the budget AC cord category. It may be priced on the higher end but it is also one of the more unusual power cord in this category. Designed with a liquid ceramic insulator, we found the power cord to sound its best (in our opinion) with tube gears. There was the slightly richer mid-range and a gentler round off in the highs when had it plugged in to a VAC amp and Audio Research preamps. There were subtle improvements with digital gears so some experimentation is in order to find the sweetest pairing.

Cable is in pretty nice condition with the usual minor scuff marks from use. Length is 2m and is terminated with US plugs. Cable is fairly stiff so if your components are setup in a really tight space, you might have a hard time trying to route the cable in your rack/setup. Cable will be securely packed for safe shipping.