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If this cable had been branded differently, the asking price for the pair you see here would easily be four or five times more. But being that it is from Cerious Technology, it is priced very equitably and almost ridiculously “cheap” when you factor in the outstanding built quality, premium materials used, the technology that went behind it and most importantly, its sonic quality. Like the Acoustic Revive TripleC range of cables, the emphasis is on the purity of the conductor. Except the Nano Signature do not come with the same hefty price tag! The transparency and immediacy of these cables was quote apparent when we swapped them into one of our system which had the Zu Audio Essence speakers. The already clean, transparent sounding Zu Audio speakers moved up a level or two in transparency when these cables were used. Truly good stuff for so little money. A clear BEST BUY in our books!

Cable is in pretty nice condition with the usual minor scuff marks and a few loose fibers from use but nothing major. Cable will be securely packed for safe shipping.