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The Spendor SP1/2 is one of the greatest “big” bookshelf speakers ever made. We say “big” because it is not your typical “smallish” bookshelf you mount over 24″ or 30″ stands as the Spendor stands 25″ tall and is 12″ wide and deep. Its ideal setting is mounted on the 12″ Sound Anchor stands you see in the pics. The “E” behind this SP 1/2 model name is to denote it as the last version in the series. And being that it is the last and final design, it was considered by many, as the best version. The Sp 1/2E is gorgeously finished in cheery wood and weighing in at almost 40lbs, has a decent weight to it. Its a three way speaker with one 8″ woofer, one 1.5″ mid and one 0.75″ tweeter in each speaker. Frequency response is 45 Hz to 20 KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 88dB. Recommended power is 100W but when we drove them with 200W, the soundstage had better definition, a more solid stance and a richer sounding mid and a smoother rounding off the highs. The rich mids and luscious highs are the real staples of Spendor speakers and its closest competition are the likes from Harbeth and Rogers. Bass is very good with a nice solid “thunp” but its not rock hard. This made the overall listening experience so much more enjoyable. They are not the clinically detailed sounding speakers like how some speakers (like studio montiors) are designed to just “pour out” every musical nuances but more like the smooth operator it was designed to be. These are speakers you can sit down in front of and listen for hours without fatigue.

Cosmetically, these speakers look great for its vintage. Some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing inappropriate from common usage. Drivers are in great condition. We have the original boxes for the speakers (they are shipped as two boxes) and the Sound Anchor stands will be packed separately in their own box.