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These are the more “affordable” version over the Harbeth M30 that we also have for sale. It may be from a different “generation” but when you factor in how kind it will be to your wallet plus the level of performance¬†of these speakers, you will probably agree that there are incredible buys. They are not speakers for the rock and roll listener but with vocals, jazz and light classical music, they are amazing. They do need good quality amps and source unit to really disappear behind the soundstage and become invisible. Speakers are very nicely built and weighs about 40lbs each. They are fairly large monitors and stands 25″ tall and 12″ wide and deep. We have the matching stands for them which will prop the speaker to a height of 37″.

A well designed speaker will always stand the test of time and the SP-1 like many other renowned models from Rogers, KEF, Harbeth and Proac are prove of that and continues to embarrass many current models/brands out there. The pair you see here have been very well cared for. Minor scuff marks and tiny knicks here and there that are common with use but nothing major. They are a three box shipment with each speaker shipped individually in their own box and the stands in the third box.